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September 12, 2019
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Fiberglass is one of the durable and strong woven textile mainly used for industrial applications. Fiberglass cloth manufacturer weaves the fabric in different configurations out of five fundamental weave patterns. These are basket, twill, satin, leno, and plain.

Fabric made up of fiberglass contain unique properties which make it perfect for numerous industrial uses such as circuit boards’ interior, vehicles, and conveyor belts. Cloths with lightweight also give a flawless finish. Fiberglass cloths are also ideal for the production of a waterproof layer on wood and other surfaces. The surface can is of the boat and other marine applications.

The most noteworthy and quality of fiberglass cloth is its extreme tolerance of high heat temperature. Fiberglass does not only vanishes radiant heat with excellent efficiency, but some kinds of fiberglass cloth can sustain temperatures up to 1,648 degrees for sixty seconds or more.  Another brilliant characteristic of fiberglass cloth is its high level of tensile strength at a significantly lower cost and weight. Also, fiberglass is a fabric that has got the tensile strength more than steel wire of the same diameter. Fiberglass cloth has also got immense dimensional stability, which means the fiberglass fabric stretches quite minimally when under stress – typically about three percent or less. Just like glass, fiberglass is significantly resistant to most strong industrial chemicals.

Characteristics of Fiberglass Cloth

Fiberglass cloth is an ideal material for heat insulation, industrial insulation, and fireproofing. Below are some more essential properties of fiberglass fabric:

Product Versatility

A broad range of yarn sizes, fiberglass yarns, weave types, filaments, and finishes enable fiberglass cloths available for a wide range of industrial-end uses.


Fiberglass cloth offers cost benefits as compared to other synthetic polymer and organic fiber cloths.

Electrical Insulation:

Soaring dielectric strength and relatively low dielectric constants make fiberglass fabric standout for the purpose of electrical insulation.

Low-Moisture Absorption:

Fiberglass fabric has deficient moisture absorption and does not change chemically or physically when it gets exposure to water.

	Fiberglass Cloth Manufacturer

High Heat Endurance:

Fiberglass is unable to burn. It basically remains unaffected via curing temperatures used in the industrial processes. Fiberglass will maintain its strength up to:

  • 50 percent at 371 degree Celsius (700 degrees F)
  • 25 percent at 482 degree Celsius (900 degrees F)

Fiberglass has a softening point of 846 degrees Celsius and a melting point of 1,121 degrees Celsius.

Fine Thermal Attributes:

Fiberglass cloths contain a low coefficient of thermal expansion. However, it has got high thermal conductivity. Glass cloths distribute heat quite rapidly compared to organic fibers.

Dimensional Stability:

Fiberglass cloths won’t shrink or stretch. Elongation break is three to four percent. Elongation (at max.) is 4.8 percent for “E” glass at the break. While it has 100 percent elastic recovery when stressed closer to the point of rupture.

Wrap Up

Despite resistance and resilience to every possible kind of industrial hazard, the vital thing is fiberglass cloth can be rolled for shipment. Folding it for cargo by fiberglass welding blanket manufacturer can damage the fiberglass cloth. If this one precaution is followed, the structural property will be preserved.

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