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A fire blanket is a woven fabric which is insulated, soft and resistant to the higher temperature. You can utilize fire blanket productively to cover as well as isolate every kind of fire source inclusive of an electric fire. China fiberglass welding blanket prevents and put out the fire.

As compared to the usage of fire extinguisher to arrive at the similar effect of fire extinguishment for small factory fire, use of fire blanket is more uncomplicated and straightforward. Fiber blanket won’t bring secondary pollution during the process of fire extinguishment.

Below are the steps for using China fiberglass welding blanket:

Situation A: For an item in flames

1- Withdraw the fire blanket through pulling down sharply on the flaps mounting from the bottom side of the package.

2- Open the blanket wholly. This ensures that the blanket saves your hand. Place it gently over the flame entirely to seal fire from the air.

3- Turn off gas supply or power supply and evacuate the blanket until it gets cold.

4- If necessary, contact the fire department.

Situation B: For a human in flames

1- Abandon the fire blanket by stripping down sharply on the hanging tabs from the package’s bottom side.

2- Open the sheet fully, making sure the blanket shields your hands, wrap around the human to seal fire from the air.

3- Look for medical assistance

Welding Blanket

Fire Blanket Manufacturer offers a welding blanket that can provide the protection effectively. Welding blanket is structured with high-thickness, heat-resistance, and fabric of tight knitting fiberglass. It is worthy for isolative protection concerning civil and industrial welding. According to the area’s size, the blanket can be mounted like a curtain for isolating welding area and spill on the floor for productively preventing high degree spark. High temperature is occurred due to welding from damaging articles or people in adjacent regions.

Heat Capacity

Majority of welding blanket will remain stable up to approx. 1000 degree. An advanced blanket can be effective up to 148 degree Celsius. Every fire blanket manufacturer uses exclusive stuff to make these blankets, which are slag, spark and flame retardant.

Fire Safety

Welding in a garage or any other location which may have gasoline or oil on the floor is quite dangerous. The reason for the danger is welding sparks. Also, molten steel is susceptible the lubricant materials.

Last Word

Sometimes welders find themselves in odd circumstances. Therefore, welding blanket and steps to it rightly must be known to them.

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