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Fiberglass Cloth Manufacturer

Fiberglass Cloth Manufacturer

Since 2003, Shanghai Jimmy Insulation Materials Co. Ltd has proven to become a leading fiberglass cloth manufacturer in China. Apart from gaining a strong presence in the local market, they import and export fiberglass cloth products to many countries around the globe. Their efforts also helped them to become a part of the Fiberglass cloth Association of China.

Best Fiberglass Cloth suppliers

Fiberglass cloth is a material including of numerous to a great degree fine strands of glass. Fiberglass is framed when thin elements of silica-based or other types of glass are barred into several filaments with little breadths suitable for material making.
We’re fiberglass cloth suppliers which can be used for various purposes. This product has high potential and is both fire and heat resistant. In addition, it is highly durable and has a good thermal conductivity.
These are valued on account of their great proportion of surface region to weight. Be that as it may, the expanded surface territory makes them substantially more helpless to compound assault.
If you are looking for the best fiberglass cloth manufacturer and other products, then connect with us today. Not only do we ensure the quality of our products, but we also make sure that our representatives provide the best service to all our potential clients. Contact us today for more information regarding our products.


Ceramic Fiber Cloth

Ceramic Fiber Cloth

(Reinforced with stainless steel wire or glass fiber)

Standard Spec: Width: 300-1500mm

Thickness: 2mm-6mm

Standard Length: 30m

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