November 8, 2018
Fiberglass Mesh 20×20
November 8, 2018
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Fiberglass Mesh

Fiberglass Mesh Manufacturer in China

Due to the rising demand in the international market, we are proud China fiberglass mesh manufacturer. Our high-quality fiberglass mesh is the reason of becoming the leading China fiberglass mesh supplier. In order to ensure that the fiberglass mesh we manufacture is according to international standards, our qualified and trained professionals only utilize top-quality fiber components in addition to state of the art machinery. Apart from that, we also accept custom order which means that we can manufacture fiberglass mesh in different colors and designs.

China Fiberglass Mesh Supplier

As a reputable fiberglass mesh manufacturer, our goal is to provide quality products and services to all our clients. Therefore, we wish to inform them that fiberglass mesh is a cheap alternative to silica fabric. In addition, our product is famous for being a fireproof fabric and heat resilient. It is also commonly used for lamination, heat preservation, sound insulation, and thermal insulation. We offer market competitive prices, yet make sure that the quality never goes down. In addition, our organization has invested in setting up a quality assurance department dedicated to making strict quality checks. As an experienced fiberglass mesh manufacturer, we only tent to pass high-quality products for delivery. Customer satisfaction is a crucial objective that we have continued working on since 2003. If you want to deal with a great fiberglass mesh supplier, then connect with us today.


Fiberglass Mesh 10×10

Fiberglass Mesh is woven by fiberglass yarns, then alkaline-resistant latex coated. It owns great alkaline-resistant and high strength.

As a perfect engineering material in construction, It is widely used to reinforce cement, stone, wall materials, roofing, gypsum and so on.


Application of fiberglass mesh:

  1. Wall reinforced material (such as fiberglass wall mesh, GRC wall panels, EPS insulation with the wall board, gypsum board, bitumen etc)
  2. Reinforced cement products.
  3. Used for Granite, mosaic, marble back mesh etc.
  4. 4.Waterproof membrane fabric, asphalt roofing.
  5. Framework material for reinforced plastics, rubber products,.
  6. Fire board. grinding wheel base fabric.
  7. Road surface with geogrid
  8. Construction caulking tape etc

Used of hot sale fiberglass mesh:

  1. 75g / m2 or less: Used in the reinforcement of thin slurry, to eliminate small cracks and scattered throughout the surface pressure.
  1. 110g / m2 or about: Widely used in indoor and outdoor walls, prevent the various materials (such as brick, light wood, prefabricated structure) of treatment or caused by a variety of expansion coefficient of wall crack and break .
  1. 145g/m2 or about: Used in the wall and be mixed in various materials (such as brick, light wood, prefabricated structures), to prevent cracking and scatter the whole surface pressure, especially in the external wall insulation system (EIFS ).
  1. 160g / m2 or about: Used in insulator layer of reinforcement in the mortar, through shrinkage and temperature changes by providing a space to maintain movement between the layers, prevent crack and rupture due to shrinkage or temperature change.


1.shrinking film + PE bag

2.shrinking film + carton





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