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China Fire Blanket

Best China Fire Blanket Manufacturer

Shanghai Jimmy Insulation Materials CO. Ltd has been around since 2003. Though the company was established and become the best china fire blanket manufacturer. Still managed to receive love from both local and international clients. We started exporting quality fire blanket goods and won praise for our quality and prices. Regardless of that fact that we invested in maintaining a good quality assurance team and system, we never let that affect the prices of our products.

Fire Blanket Manufacturer and Suppliers

We’re the best China fire blanket supplier. Apart from working on other fiberglass products, we have specialized in producing China fire blanket according to international standard. We state of the art manufacturing plant, machinery and techniques, you can trust the durability and safety of all our goods.
China Fire blankets are a great alternative to fire extinguishers. In fact, the annual maintenance and service cost for a fire blanket is almost half of what you used to pay for an extinguisher. Our certified fire blankets can be used for both households and business environments.
If you are looking for the best fire blanket supplier, then you’ve landed in the right place. Once you connect with one of our representatives, you’ll get all the information you’re looking for regarding all our products. As experienced fire blanket manufactures we make sure that all our clients are satisfied with both our products and services.


Fire Blanket

Fire Blanket is a simple and convenient fire-control instrument outfitted for enterprises,stores, vessels, antos and civil building, especially useful in household kitchens, hotels, recteational facilities and gas stations to block the fire spreading and provide shield for the safe evacuation.



Specification of Fire Blanket

*  Material: 100% fiberglass

*  Thickness of base fabric: 0.43mm / 0.84mm

*  Weight of base fabric: 430gsm / 840gsm

*  Size: 1m*1m; 1.2m*1.2m; 1.5m*1.5m; 1.2m*1.8m; 2m*2m; 3m*3m etc

(size can be customize)

  • Temperature resistant: 550 ℃


Application of  Fire Blanket Insulation

1) Fireproofing, heat preservation.

2) Self-extinguishable
3) Life saving

4) Easily mounted – suitable for hanging inside of cupboard door

5) Quick release tabs

6) Easy and fast installation

7) Use in kitchen, hotel, garage, gas station, laboratory, BBQ etc.


Package of Fire Blanket:

PVC soft bag, Nylon bag or rigid box

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